Have you ever heard the cliche “Money can buy everything except for time”? While different people will have a different views on how they look at it, we all can agree that Time is Priceless. Warren Buffett once said about time “It’s the only thing you can’t buy”.

When I was a kid I don’t have the privilege to travel like most of these kids today with their rich parents 🙁 – But I can still remember getting lost somewhere on the river of Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines with my friends Rico, Warren and Casper (yes, that’s his name). 20 years later I guess not much have change, I’m still that kid who likes to go out and explore this exquisite blue planet that someday humanity will destroy.

Paluang Tribe Children – Kalaw, Myanmar

I know someone who loves saving money, like a lot of money! Never travel, never eat at fancy restaurants nor buy expensive clothes! And for some they might argue “Well there’s nothing wrong with that, is it?” While this is true to some extent I can’t help but counter the argument that balance is everything.

See, it is imperative that we invest our money to prepare for our future, compounding interest is a gem, my friend (we all know that). What most people don’t realize is that you can enjoy your present without destroying your future. Save first before spending, invest a portion of your income and be free. De-stress yourself from work and your annoying colleague, stop following the Barreto sisters. Get out there and travel. Make memories with your family, with your love one. Eat that wagyu beef together, treat yourself and buy that Jordan’s that you dream of OR get busy working 9-5, disconnect from your friends and never make time for your family. But hey, at least maybe, just maybe you’ll be the richest man in the cemetery, it’s always our choice.

Life is short and the world is wide, so travel

Life is short and the world is wide, never be that person who look back and regret that they were so busy making a living that they forget how to make a life.