Travel Diary: 9 days in Japan

Arigatou gozaimasu, It’s me saying Thank you in Japanese for the opportunity given to visit this wonderful place. Prbably the most common phrase I’ve heard in Japan, we personally used this quite oftern during our stay. We’re so worried we won’t have time to learn Japanese before we go so we thought at least saying Thank you would be nice.

We booked a 9 days trip and our Itinerary starts in Tokyo > Mt Fuji > Kyoto > Osaka > Hiroshima > Tokyo. We booked Cathay Pacific connecting flights from SG > HK > JAP (Narita Airport). Cathay Pacific is very underrated, this airline have such a lovely service, flight attendants is adequate, food is great and the plane itself is very comfortable with cameras (POV) of the pilot, i would highly recommend this airline.

We plan this trip in time with Japan’s cherry blossom season starting end of March to first week of April little do we know there will be Snow 🙂 – still!

Our Day to Day Complete Itinerary Guide

First Day! – Intro to Japan. Tokyo’s First Impression

We arrived at Narita airport around 9am, and If you’re like us who loves anime then those murmuring sound would be music to your ears. The airport isn’t too big compare to Changi of course but it’s good enough to eat and rest. We had our first takoyaki while waiting for my sister to pick us up. How was it? Different from somewhere else, and by somewhere else i mean outside Japan.

Getting the JR pass is very easy, we went to B2 to redeem

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