At the time of this writing, Hong Kong is everywhere and not in a good way, with it’s mass protest and chaos all over the media, Tourist can’t help but think twice before visiting.

Looking back at the history of Hong Kong, It was born when China’s Qing Dynasty ceded Hong Kong to the British Empire during the Opium wWar in 1842, since then Hong Kong became a British crown colony. Japan occupied Hong Kong for about 4 years but we all know who won the war eventually. In July 1 1997 the United Kingdom ended administration and agreed to handover sovereignty to China. Fast forward in the 21st century, Hong Kong has become a financial hub, an Asian economic powerhouse, Thank to its strategic location, world class infrastructure and tax regime. I might be crazy to encourage somebody to visit Hong Kong but I hope that someday everyone agrees and meet half way,

Hong Kong is for me still one of the best place to visit. It is located on the coast of southern China

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